Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Anterior lips..

still loving life in Vanuatu. Two of the last three babies I have helped deliver, the mommas had huge anterior lips (a bit of swollen cervix in the front under the pubic bone), like nothing I have felt before in the states. I just had to keep rubbing it down and holding pressure on it. I'm sure it hurts like hell, to have me in there messing and pressing, but I need to when it gets swollen. Each of these mommas were trying to push before they were fully dilated. So with a lot of pressure, I shoved the last of the cervix up under the pubic bone and the babies descended instantly and came out with 3 minutes. They are amazing pushers here.

The second baby I helped with last night was born with a nuchal arm (her arm was up by her face) and a nuchal cord (cord wrapped around the neck). Both proved to be no problem at all, and she did not even tear! Quite a feat.

Yesterday Susanne and I did two scuba dives. We saw the remains of a crashed plane, which was cool, though I asked the scuba pro and he said it had been placed there for divers to look at. There was even a fake skeleton in a baseball hat in the pilots seat with a beer can in his hand. Monday we will do our last dive for our certification, I'm excited. I am such a water baby, and diving is awesome. Looks like I will be doing the advanced course by myself though.

Today we are off again to sun and swim on Erakor island, yay. Hopefully we will stop at a little local bakery on the way and pick up something sweet :) By the way, we have mastered sweet potato hashbrowns. So good!

Ok one more random thing. Yesterday I cut a few really hot chili peppers, and washed my fingers so many times, but my finger tips were still burning. It just so happened to by my right hand which I use for checking the cervix. So, last night when I was feeling dilation and my hand was inside the womans cervix it burned like hell. No fun at all.
Talk later.

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