Monday, October 11, 2010

7 babies and counting...

Hello! While this is a slow time at the hospital, we still have been catching babies. I have helped 7 come into the world, all without any real difficulties. It is amazing how quickly women labor and push here. I have only sutured once so far, which was good practice, but I have been supervising some nursing students in training as they suture. So I help them decide where to place the needle, what needs to be reconnected to what, ect. They don't really learn the subcuticular stitch, so any tear of the perineum gets a continuous stitch with a big knot. It doesn't look the best, and it is probably uncomfortable as hell, but it gets the job done. They pretty much suture all tears (even small first degrees) as the risk of infection here is high.

I have been helping do a lot of newborn exams (which ONLY includes head and chest circumference, length and weight). Also, all babies at birth get a vitamin K shot, hepatitis B vaccination and BCG subdermal (for TB). I feel bad poking the little cuties so much. I have seen a couple infected cord bases, which smell terrible and the babies are put on antibiotics.

Oh holy goddess, yesterday a woman in labor vomitted up a 6 inch long round worm! It was so gross. Of course I got a picture of me holding it (with gloves)! It was still alive and squirming around. The midwife in charge said that is not too common, and she has only ever seen one other worm (a tapeworm which was pooped out).

We were supposed to do our first scuba dive today, but it has been monsoon raining and we decided to postpone. Tonight we will go to a Kava bar with some ex-pats and then have a BBQ at the resort we are staying at. Sounds good to me. Hope all is well with everyone who reads this, if anyone does :)
Peace and love,


Ashley said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I'm so happy to hear it! I can't wait to read more! =)

Anonymous said...

Post the worm picture please