Sunday, October 17, 2010

15 babies and counting...

Hiya! Last night we delivered two babies, and one again today. I am up to 15 now in less than two weeks of work. Getting some great experience and hands-on skills. I love it! They love having us here to help, too. In Vanuatu the nursing students must do 20 deliveries before they are on their own out in the rural communities. So, we have been helping them learn skills like vaginal exams, Leopold's maneuvers, perineal support and suturing. They appreciate it so much.

On Friday night, Susanne and I went out dancing with some ex-patriot friends we met here. We met a group of plastic surgeons from NZ/Australia who are here doing a kind of mission trip. They invited us to watch some surgeries, so today we donned surgical garb and watched them repair a cleft lip. It was so interesting and they did beautiful work! The two surgeons are so kind and explained everything and we had a good chat about midwifery/maternity care. Then they gave us a curry lunch and chocolate biscuits. Yum.

Tonight we are getting a ferry to Iririki island for the Monday night tourist special (free snacks, sangria and prizes). I'm hoping to win a sunset cruise :) Yesterday Susanne and I took a free ferry to Erakor island where we lounged in the sun on the beach all morning. It was paradise. The one thing they don't do well here is lemonade (just a flavourless sugary soda). I was a little disappointed.

Not much else new. Tomorrow we are doing two scuba dives, I can't wait. I love it! I am hoping to get my advanced certification after I finish the open water certification. Whoop whoop.
Hope all is well with you!
Peace and love,

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