Saturday, February 19, 2011

My bungalow won't blow away, will it?

Tropical Cyclone Atu has formed just North of Efate (the island I am on) and it is intensifying, as the news reports claim. It was a loud one last night! Lots of intense wind and rain, and there is just more of the same today. All guests where I am staying were given a notice about the cyclone this morning; We have been advised to stay close, bring outside tables and chairs in, and close our wooden shutters if necessary. Most of the coconuts and large palm branches have been removed from the front of my bungalow- in the event that they should want to come through my windows =)

I have asked a few workers the above question, "My bungalow won't blow away, will it?" Somewhat seriously and somewhat joking.... To which I am greeted with large smiles and "of course not, you are safe here". This type of weather and high force winds (possibly gusting upward of 100Km/Hr tonight) is apparently the norm here, around this time of year. The owners say that it is just a "wee bit of wind". Okay, we'll see as this develops further. Atu certainly has made things cooler, which is a welcome change.

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