Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Over 100 births total...

Hiya! Again, sorry about not writing in so long. Total births my whole midwifery career: 107!! Tomorrow is our last day in Vanuatu, I am a bit sad to leave but also looking forward to our next adventure in New Zealand.

I forget where I left off last time, so sorry if anything is repeated. A baby was born was a huge tumor on its lip, which it kept trying to suck. The peds docs did surgery and it looks amazing. That baby will not even have an outside visible scar.

Last Friday there was a 5.1 scale earthquake here. Susanne and I were reading by the pool, and the ground was shaking. She thought I was pushing her chair, haha, but no. I did not hear of any casualties or damage done by it. The funniest part was the reception lady was in the toilet when it was happening and she thought the plumbing was acting up. On a totally separate note, the brand of toilet paper at our hotel is "ABM." I find that quite funny.

Today a baby was born acynclitic (head was a bit crooked coming out). The momma pushed for a very long time, eventually the midwife in charge cut an episiotomy, and baby came out with the longest/most crooked head ever. Both momma and baby were fine. I helped suture the episiotomy.

Lots of other NSVDs (normal spontaneous vaginal deliveries) at the hospital.

Outside of the hospital, we have been having lots of fun! We went to Blue Lagoon, a lovely little lagoon where the water is a mixture of sea water and fresh spring water. There are several rope swings, where first you climb up on a tree and swing into the water. It was great fun, but I have some sweet bruises on my inner thighs from gripping. Ouch. I took a picture :)

We also went to White Sands Beach and swam in the ocean...the proper ocean, not a harbour or lagoon. The water was so warm and nice, and the sand was white and soft. We got a lot of sun that day. Still working on our killer tans :)

Yesterday we went on an island tour to Lelepa island. We caught a small ferry boat there, did a mini medicinal herb walk with a local guide, snorkeled in the sea, had a yummy BBQ lunch, saw a big cave (where they used to take lepers to live out their final days). Then we fed some fish chicken bones (from our BBQ) and bread, while in the water snorkeling. They were right up in our faces, I even touched some. The snorkeling was unbelievable, saw some huge and brightly colored fish and lots of cool coral. Then a boat ride in the choppy ocean where we all got soaking wet, finishing at a little village where I bought my mum a gift :) Overall, a great day.

Tonight we are going out with the lovely NZ midwife Christine for a Korean dinner. Should be good. Tomorrow we are bringing cake and biscuits to the maternity ward for a final goodbye party. And we brought the midwives each a shirt "Support Your Local Midwife". They will love them. Then tomorrow night BIG partying, lots of dancing, maybe a few cocktails.

Our time here has been amazing, life changing and so rewarding. I learned LOADS, had so much fun and feel like a more confident and competent midwife.

Not sure if I will blog again, maybe a quickie from NZ. Thanks for reading and following and leaving comments (if you did).
Be well! Peace and love,

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