Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mifala save Bislama smol be mi traem tumas. (We know a bit of Bislama but I am trying hard)

Olsem wamen long u tufela? (how are all of you?)

Today was mellow day in the ward. Only 3 laboring women, none of which had their babes while we were on shift. We spent the morning following up with post-partum mamas and cleaning up the maternity ward. Apparently we are quite a sight as we help with the daily tasks of running the ward. The patients are surprised to see us working so diligently, as they rarely see foreigners making beds and collecting laundry.
For lunch we walked down to the market for our daily repast of fish and rice. And, today we found chiles!! …Sunita was very pleased. After grabbing a couple paw paws and passion fruits, we got caught in a torrential downpour on our way back to the hospital. Despite hopping in a bus halfway back, we were soaked entirely.
Arriving back in the maternity ward with our dripping clothes, we dried out in the tea room, spending good quality time with the sisters learning and practicing Bislama. There, we surprised them with our small Bislama knowledge by telling them “mi fillup tumas” (“I am already full”) and “lukum titi basket blong Kat” (look at kat’s bra!…because her shirt was soaked through)…a joke made by Caitlin that was well recieved by the sisters. Learning Bislama is quite entertaining, moderately difficult, but quite entertaining. We have been choosing a phrase or two each day and practicing our small Bislama any chance we get. Caitlin’s enthusiasm is contagious, with each phrase she smiles as if it is the most awesome thing she could ever say.
Tata. Lukum u.(Bye. See you later)
ps. I had a the wet shirt on all day.


Anonymous said...

Hello from Wisconsin...
Caitlin, what a great opportunity!
Keep up the good work, have fun, and make sure to only drink the freswoto.

Lukim Yu,

Uncle Steve, Aunt Carol, and cousin's Lauren and Rachel

Carolee said...

Hi, Caitlyn, I got sent to your blog when I tried to get you to renew your MAWS membership :) I hope you are enjoying your time in Vanuatu. Tell Leigtani I send my love and I think of her often. She is very dear to my hear. Peace, Carolee

Carolee said...

duh, heart!

lisa said...

hi ladies, I am going to try this again. I couldn't get the message to post this morning. It is about 11:30 your time on friday, so 3:30 thurs. here in E'ville. There wasn't school today due to the torrential rain that we have had since yesterday. 7+ inches Kat!!! Not bad if you're a duck!
dad and I love your messages each day. You girls are amazing! We are beaming with pride and admiration for all of you. Wish that I was the dorm mom for the month. Do they need a somewhat out-of-the-box special-ed teacher. I'll volunteer! With all of the walking and yummy fesh treats from the market, you are going to be even more "wonderful and fabulous" (ella quote) than you already are. Can't wait to see the pictures this weekend. Hope that your weather is worthy of being in paradise for the Easter weekend!. Enjoy and eat CHOCOLATE!!! We love and miss you bunches. ps. Kat in 9 weeks chase will be husband chase! amazing hunh!! hugs across the sky until I can squeeze your cheeks!!!!!

micaela said...

"lukum titi basket blong Kat"

i really hope 'titi basket' is bislama for bra, hehe.

kevin oconnor said...

Hi Cait, Cait. I have such fun reading your blog. SOunds like a lot of good work as well as an adventure. So Proud of You!!!!

The Thriftymamas said...

Ah, Caitlin's legendary enthusiasm. It can make miracles happen...
I LOVE this blog. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!