Monday, March 17, 2008

First Day!!

Today was our first day at the hospital! We went in the morning after rounds and stayed for the day shift. We will be doing the day shift (7-3) for the first week to get familiar with the procedures, then most likely move to the nights shifts (either 3-11 or 11-7), since most of the babies are born at night. 103 babies have been born in March so far, over 200 were born in February. Today was pretty mellow – 3 women in labor, none delivered by the time we left, we will most likely meet their babies in the morning. Sister Leitangi (the head midwife) showed us around and introduced us to all the other midwives, nurses and nurses aides. Everyone is very nice and helpful – we brought in brownies that we made, as well as some donated amnihooks (for all the non-baby catching folks – this is an instrument for breaking a women’s bag of waters during labor). Both were quite well received.

We amused everyone with our primitive attempts to speak Bislama. The phrase of the day was “Tangkyu tu mas” which means thank you – tomorrow we are working on “Oslem wanem” (how are you) and “Kae kae ya i numbawan” (the food is excellent).
We are amusing ourselves with the fanny packs and crocs we are wearing to the hospital – very fashion forward! Our tans are not going so well as it as been pouring rain – but we are keeping the faith that the sun will shine soon. Our biggest adventure so far has been going to the local market to eat lunch and buy fresh fruits and vegetables – an amazing array of papaya, banana, coconut, green beans, ginger, green onion, pineapple, peanuts, manioc/cassava greens, avocado, plantain, peppers and a number of unidentifiable specimens. We are trying to eat like the locals – focusing on rice and fish and produce. Pretty tasty overall.
We will keep you all updated as things get more exciting. . .


Elias said...

i'm so excited you're blogging! yay bastyr midwives!

Anonymous said...

you guys look absolutely beautiful.

hemi titi gud!

enjoy your time there.

gud naet,

say hello to all the midwives there!