Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Final Week

Well, my time here on Efate is ending. I am sitting at the airport on a Sunday morning awaiting the departure of my flight to Nadi, Fiji. It is a very lovely day here in Port Vila. The sky is blue with patches of big cumulus clouds. As I look out the airport windows I see a big mountain range in the background and in the foreground I see palm trees and other lush green trees. There is a group of Fijian young woman who are travelling today. They are cricket players who had played 6 games in Efate and won 5 of the 6 games. They are rejoicing by singing and clapping. The NiVans are friendly and have been good to me as a visitor to their country. I will miss walking down the street and exchanging many greetings…”Halo”, “Gud night”. I will miss the bus rides and seeing all the people walking around. I will miss the 24/7, 6 days a week out door “farmer’s” market. I will miss the sun and warmth. I will miss my daily swims. I will miss the women and babies at the hospital. I have had an unbelievable experience and feel very fortunate that I was able to make the trip to Vanuatu.

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