Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3/3/09 Surf and Sky

The maternity ward has been slow. Lots of scrubbing the beds, making cotton balls and folding gauze. I have really grown fond of the midwives. They are such kind souls, we make faces at eachother, discuss their culture and laugh. We laugh a lot, now. Always something to giggle about, its so much fun to be in on the ward and feel like I am really helping and I am so glad I have a few more weeks here. Outside of the maternity ward, I have taken up surfing. I go out to the point every chance I get rent a board and head into the crystal blue water. It is reef break so I can only surf at high tide. I have stopped working regular shifts at the hospital and go into work based on the hours I can surf. The water is warm and the waves are small and perfect for learning. The kids all chatter, scream and call out and cheer me on. Its such a joyful place. I love being out there, its been a while since I have taken up a new sport its great to get my body to learn something new. I also have made friends with a gang of pilots. The one airline over here, Air Vanuatu has about 30 young guys from Australia and NZ that work for them and they are all tight group of friends. It a click that reminds me of capoeira a little bit and I have good time hanging out with them. Its nice to have a crew of people to do things with. This trip has been perfect, time with my mom for a couple of weeks, lots of alone time for a couple of weeks and now it looks like lots of going out with new friends for the last couple of weeks. I love Vanuatu!

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