Sunday, February 14, 2010


Interesting how life doles out experiences to you. The first delivery that I did after my last post was a woman who was having her second baby after her first one was a stillbirth. It was so moving to be helping her after what I had just been through. It is interesting because in my experience in the US after the baby is born and in their arms women are usually crying tears of joy and are very emotional. Here after the baby is born women sort of seem to check out, barely interested in holding their baby savouring the relief of being done with labor. This women looked up as the baby came out and with the first cry, tears began rolling down her cheeks, it was amazing. There were also twins born yesterday. Very exciting to see my first twin vaginal delivery. There was an intern in the hospital yesterday so she got to do the delivery and I just assisted. The first baby was coming down asynclitic, which means the head is tilted a little sideways. She wasnt making much progress after about 4 pushes so the doctor pulled out the vacuum and helped her get the first one out. It took several long pushes, with lots of pulling on the doctors end and an episiotomy and the first one a boy at 3.6 kg. Both babies were head down and after the first one was born there was about a 8 minute pause and then her contractions started again and two pushes later the second one, a girl at 2.7 kg was born. Two perfect beatuiful, healthy babies. It was awesome!


K&H Home Solutions said...

Every day seems to bring the gamut of emotions. What would these Mom's do without the help of Bastyr Naturopaths?

Janet said...

What wonderful work you are doing! These are experiences that will shape your lives forever; savor these moments, the good and the bad, the joyous and the tragic. Our world could use more women like you!