Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Arrival in Port Vila

Hey there, Molly here. Just a quick note that I have arrived as the latest midwifery student, to the smallest International airport I have ever been to, with the sweetest group of women singing a Vanuatu welcome song. A fabulous crew of baby docs (aka medical students) and midwives-to-be milling around the Port.

Last night, an outdoor, local showing of "The Age of Stupid" on a screen with the backdrop of the ocean, starry sky and setting moon- a bright smiling crescent in the western sky. I am disoriented without familiar stars, but at least the sun and moon still travel in their usual directions....

For any of you who have seen this movie, I found myself thinking how ironic it was to see this movie within 4 hours of arriving- a painful reminder of the enormous carbon footprint I had just created to get to Port Vila. I guess all those years of bikecommuting have perhaps offset my latest (and largest) carbon footprint (maybe.....). For those that haven't seen it, it's about global climate change and the dramatic and cumulative effects of our individual choices (like traveling around the world). So yes, carbon footprint aside, my hope is that I can make a larger (more sustainable) imprint here in Vanuatu with the care I provide for the local pregnant women and their babies. And have a lot of fun all the while.

So on that note, off to the hospital for a brief orientation and to drop off the 40lbs of medical supplies that I lugged here. Planning to spend the rest of today getting settled and oriented, swimming, and start in the hospital tomorrow bright and early.

Happy belated Fall Equinox over there-we're marking the Spring Equinox down here :)

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